Brita Purity C 150 Cartridge

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Purity C150 cartridge for scale reduction in coffee and hot drinks machines. A compact filter, which shares the same head as other filters in the Purity C range. The evenly distributed flow prevents water “tunnelling” through the ion resin and emerging without adequate treatment, maximising the filter’s capacity and effectiveness.

Features & Specifications

  • Fast and convenient filter exchange without tools.
  • Simple pre-rinsing and bleeding.
  • Vertical, horizontal and even overhead operation possible.
  • Optional: no need to switch off water during maintenance.

AquaQuell Technology specifically reduces the carbonate hardness in the water, preventing scale deposits. Unwanted smells and flavours, chlorine and heavy metals that impair the aroma and the attractiveness of food and drink are removed. Furthermore, the filter in the water safely retains any coarse and fine particles.


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