BWT Besthead Flex Cartridge Head

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With BWT besthead FLEX, the filter head with the world’s most flexible connector technology, installing the filter is really easy, even where space is tight.

Its innovative FLEX technology with its configured angle adjustment in 30° increments allows for the best possible orientation of the connector hoses, even where space is at a premium. It saves on space, whilst ensuring maximum safety. Thanks to the direct connection of FLEX insert components to the filter head, there is no need for additional double nipples or compression joints.

Both the BWT besthead FLEX filter head and all components with FLEX insert connectors are manufactured in food-safe materials and can be used worldwide on all drinking water systems.

Features & Specifications

  • Filter head with innovative FLEX connector technology.
  • Fits all BWT water+more filter cartridges.
  • With integrated venting valve.
  • For installation anywhere, particularly where space is tight.
  • Extensive FLEX connector technology available, in a range of dimensions.

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