G1 Coffee Hand Grinder

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This Red Dot Design award-winning grinder has been precision engineered, matching good looks with amazing performance. Timemore’s dual ball-bearing system and precision-cut metal burrs allow for effortless grinding and unmatched grind uniformity. Grind uniformity is the most important aspect of a coffee grinder, allowing for better extraction, resulting in more flavour in the cup, time after time. With its beautifully machined walnut and aluminium alloy container, the Timemore Chestnut G1 tops the hand grinder range and has a 25g capacity (1 large cup) and a luxury feel.

Features & Specifications

  • Dual ball-bearing system for smooth uniform grinding
  • Quick attach and release base container
  • Very wide range of adjustable coarseness levels from Turkish (extra fine), espresso, AeroPress, pour over and French press (coarse)
  • Precise and easy grind adjustment
  • Toughened hard steel burrs aid speed, uniformity and durability
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Space aluminIum, hardened steel, walnut
  • W:16,5cm x D:5.2cm
  • Weight: 518g
  • Coffee capacity: 25g (1 large cup)


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