Pallo Caffeine Wrench

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As versatile as a drawer full of tools and loaded with practical features; this handy device is ready to tackle many of the routine tasks and adjustments around the bar. It saves space too.

Features & Specifications

  • Basket popper: Insert wrench tip under basket lip and twist like a key to “pop” basket out.
  • Steam wand tip wrenches: 8mm, 11mm, 12mm, and 13mm steam wand wrenches.
  • Bottle opener: Convenient bottle opener.
  • Light duty screwdriver: Light duty screwdriver to remove group shower screws.
  • Milk residue scraper: Scrape wand to remove milk residue buildup.
  • Soft gasket probe: Test and remove soft gaskets.
  • Group bolt wrench: 8mm group bolt.
  • Thermometer calibrator: Resets thermometers that are out of adjustment.

Use this Barista Aid to fine-tune your Barista skills.

Making the perfect coffee has become a science so any extra help we Baristas can get, we’ll take.



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